Congratulations on finishing your manuscript! Are you ready for the next step? I will help you redraft your manuscript and provide you with the tools for self-editing. I offer a developmental line edit to get you started in several different packages

With six years of writing experience, including a Level 7 Diploma in Advanced Applied Writing, I will help you learn to self-edit and redraft your manuscripts. A published author, I have worked with a professional developmental editor, copy editor, proofreaders, and graphic design artists to produce my books and have experience with the steps involved to publish a book. Great writing is my passion and I want to see every writer succeed in their goals.

Professional book editing services are expensive, but also essential if you want to publish the best version of your book possible. You can, however, reduce the price by successfully self-editing and redrafting your work before submitting it to the editors. Whether you want to self-publish or submit to publishers, I provide developmental advice and teach you the writing tools and tricks you need to self-edit your work.

What I will help you with:

  • Plot

  • Characterization

  • Dialogue

  • Setting

  • Believability

  • Passive versus active writing

  • Overused words and phrases

  • Reducing word count for tight writing

  • Obvious grammar and spelling issues

  • Word choices for strong writing

While I am happy to work across the range of fiction genres (and read almost anything), my specialties are with the darker books such as thrillers, crime, action, paranormal, but also romance in most subgenres particularly the suspense and paranormal. I can work in either American English or British English.

What I DO NOT read or have experience with is spec fiction, horror, dark romance, or erotic romance. 

I offer three packages:

Basic NZ$ 50

  • Assessment of 1000 words

  • A marked manuscript using track changes in Word

  • Comments in the margin

  • Follow-up emails to answer any queries

Standard NZ$ 200

  • Assessment of 6000 words

  • A marked manuscript using track changes in Word

  • Comments in the margin

  • A one-page report

  • Follow-up emails to answer any queries

Premium NZ$ 300

  • Assessment of 10,000 words

  • A marked manuscript using track changes in Word

  • Comments in the margin

  • A one-page report

  • A follow-up review of your reworked manuscript

  • Follow-up emails following each review

If you are seeking assistance for a higher word count and ongoing coaching contact me for a custom quote. While I am happy to work on longer works, and would love to help you develop your whole manuscript, I have found it beneficial for writers to work through the first 10,000 words and self-edit the next section before I assess the next section of work. This is because the manuscript will change as you work through your redraft and you may find you delete, or rewrite whole sections. I want you to get the most out of our work together.  

Contact me via the form below and include:​

  • Brief Synopsis (description of the story)

  • The genre, and current word count

  • When you would like to have the work completed by

  • Which package you are interested in

  • Any particular areas you are seeking feedback on

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