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Have you finished drafting your first manuscript and need help redrafting, or become stuck and need assistance working through plotting or even writer's block? I offer support for emerging writers in the redrafting process and provide writers with the tools for basic self-editing. 

With seven years of writing experience, I have a Level 5 and 6 Diploma in Applied Writing and a Level 7 Diploma in Advanced Applied Writing. I love the redrafting process. Taking that raw manuscript and transforming it is deeply satisfying. In publishing my books, I work with a professional developmental editor, line copy editor, and proofreader and I know how easy it is to miss things in our own writing. What I will share with you is what I have learned throughout my studies and writing career from industry professionals.

Professional book editing services are expensive, but also essential if you want to publish the best version of your book possible. You can, however, reduce the price by successfully self-editing and redrafting your work substantially before submitting it to the editors.

What I can help you with:

  • Plot

  • Characterization

  • Dialogue

  • Setting

  • Believability

  • Passive versus active writing

  • Overused words and phrases

  • Reducing word count for tight writing

  • Obvious grammar and spelling issues (not an edit, but I will point them out where I notice them)

  • Word choices for strong writing

While I am happy to work across the range of fiction genres (and read almost anything), my specialties are with the darker books such as thrillers, crime, action, paranormal, but also romance particularly the suspense and paranormal. I can work in either American English or British English.

What I DO NOT read or have experience with is horror, dark romance, or erotic romance. 

To keep pricing simple I charge NZD $25.00 per hour and while I can provide feedback on a whole manuscript in one go, I find it more beneficial for writers to revise in sections of 3, 000 to 9,000 words at a time. When writers redraft their work, scenes change, some are tweaked, others are rewritten completely. Once we have worked through the first section, you can then revise the next section armed with the advice before sending it to me. This maximizes your benefits from the coaching. 

What I do:

  • I use track changes in Word to offer suggestions

  • Comments in the margins with examples and information

  • Email support for any queries you have

  • If you would like a video conference to discuss your work, I'm happy to do so

Contact me via the form below and include:​

  • Brief Synopsis (description of the story)

  • The genre, and current word count

  • The schedule you would like to work to (i.e. how many hours a week or how many words per week, etc.)

  • Any particular areas you are seeking help with

I look forward to hearing from you.

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