Below is a list of resources I have found invaluable. I hope they can help you as much as they help me.

NorthTec - Applied Writing Diploma

I completed my Level 7 Diploma in Advanced Applied Writing through NorthTec. Study online around your lifestyle, the tutors are friendly and encouraging. They'll teach you the writing and publishing process from A to Z.

New Zealand Society of Authors

​A valuable resource for all New Zealand Authors, from beginners to experienced. A place to find opportunities and news and events from around the country and internationally.

Romance Writers of New Zealand

Romance writer or not, this organization is one of New Zealand's best resources for writers. Regardless of what stage you're at in your writing journey, this organization will welcome you as long as you respect the romance genre.

Editor - Lesley Marshall @ Editline

Lesley Marshall is not only a tutor for NorthTec but she is also an editor who can do editing from developmental to proofreading. I use her for editing my books and highly recommend her.

Writer's PodCast - Joanna Penn @ the Creative Penn

Joanna Penn covers writing to business and everything in between. She interviews authors and industry professionals to provide an excellent place for writing information and links.

The Writer's Detective Bureau

Detective Adam Richardson is a police detective in California and he's set up a weekly PodCast to help writers get the technical side of crime writing right. He also runs a Facebook page and sends out monthly newsletters packed full of useful links and information. While his advice is based on California and USA legal systems, much of his general information can be applied to any crime writing.

Facebook Pages

Trauma Fiction - This is a brilliant resource for thriller writers, medical writers, and anyone who injures, tortures, and kills their characters. But please note, this group covers every topic covered by trauma, posts do not come with trigger warnings, it is accepted that the whole page is about trauma. Only use this resource if you can handle trauma topics.

Legal Fiction - Here is a great group if you have legal questions best answered by lawyers and legal professionals (for fiction writing, not legal advice).

Cops and Writers - A brilliant Facebook page run by an experienced officer of the law, it is American, which is worth noting if you write in a different setting, but sometimes you can find advice for other countries too or someone who can point you in the right direction. 

Writers Detective - As I mentioned above Detective Adam Richardson runs a Facebook page alongside his podcast. Great resource. 

Dunedin Writers - This is a New Zealand-based group for writers in the Dunedin area. Here you can find other local writers and resources. A great bunch of people. 

New Zealand Crime & Mystery Writers - Another New Zealand-based group for writers up and down the country with the latest news and events for the crime and mystery genre.

The Book Marketing Hub - A place you can get advice and tips related to book marketing.

Alessandra Torre Inkers - General Publishing and writing advice from a wealth of authors, private group to ask all those questions regarding publishing, covers, sales, marketing, and such.