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Take Down Launches December 1st!

Updated: Feb 15, 2021

Glitz, Glamour, and Deadly Decisions Every decision has a consequence. 

Some can be deadly...

Lily Cartwright has been trained to obey and protect her criminal father, but deep inside, her anger grows. The chains of duty shatter when she learns of her father's plans to marry her to a sociopathic killer. Now she must decide just how far she's willing to go for freedom and justice. 

Jason Jae protects life; he instinctively steps up to save an abused waitress in a high-end night club, unaware her father controls the local crime syndicate and she's in far more danger than meets the eye. In a fleeting moment, they see through the glamour and form a connection they cannot break, unleashing a storm of desires.

The last thing Jason's family expects is for the quiet conservationist to protect a dangerous criminal runaway. Now Jason has to convince everyone, including Lily, that she's worth saving. But can he do it before the death toll rises?    


Does that blurb make you excited or what? If you can't wait to buy Take Down then pre-order it today and it will arrive automatically on your device on December 1, 2019!


Five years ago, I woke up with a story idea and an insane drive to write it down. Too terrified to let anyone know what I was doing, I wrote in secret until I let one of my closest friends know I was trying to write a book. That was pretty safe, she wouldn't hurt me with her comments. It still terrified me to let her read what I was writing, but I did; the story was badly written with so many errors, I'm sorry for inflicting it on her, but she told me to keep writing, and she wanted to know more. Her response and encouragement gave me the strength to keep trying.

That story I must have rewritten a dozen times or more; it will never ever be published as it was, I promise. But from that story, the Jae family were born, along with the Kiwi Falls Township and quite a few other characters, who were supposed to just be minor but insisted they too have a story to be told. I really was writing blind back then, I had no idea how to write a story, no idea about writing craft, I was just writing the story down that was in my head and hoping it made some sense.

I'm deeply grateful for the tutors at NorthTec on the Advanced Applied Writing Diploma who taught me so much about the basics of writing and then took me so much deeper. I'm just as grateful for the Romance Writers of New Zealand who built on that foundation and gave me the support and information I needed to take my manuscripts and turn them into books.

November is NaNoWriMo or National Novel Writing Month. In 2017 after a rough patch where I couldn't write because the story I'd been working on suddenly hit too close to home emotionally, my mum and a friend both directed me to a post about NaNoWriMo and when another emotional event kicked me while I was down, I stood up and determinedly took to my laptop. I had one thought in my head, one premise (and if you can guess it after reading my book go you! I'd love to hear your impressions), I had no idea where my story would go, but I was going to smash my word count out of the writer's park. Two weeks I sat at my computer, day, night, it became quite blurry except for the children interrupting me occasionally (my oldest son became good at the takeaway run for dinner). I wrote 60,000 words in what I'll now refer to as my raw draft and my plotting out stage.

I pitched my story to a trade publisher who loved the idea after I'd done a year of revisions on that draft. What a boost to my confidence, even though in the end she turned me down because my story doesn't fit into the guidelines - It's a little longer than the 'average' book and it turned out to be a thriller rather than romantic suspense.

So that's a little about the origins of Take Down, now onto the launch date. I've chosen quite a unique and celebrated day in my family to launch my book on. After telling my closest friends, my mum (and yes for the blog I'm going to use New Zealand English, okay, but the books are in American (mostly), I'm sure you can all survive it) was the first one I confided in when I decided I really wanted to make a career in writing. She's supported me quite proudly and helped raise me up when I floundered in that awful self-doubt that attacks writers worldwide. My mum has believed in me right from the start, listened to me get stressed out during study assessments, she's nagged me for release dates, and raved about my writing to everyone. She's eagerly awaiting her paperback copy so she can display it for everyone to see, and her excitement is infectious. So I've decided there is no better way to honor her than to release the book on her birthday, so this year while we set up our Christmas trees to celebrate her birthday (cos that's what we do every year), we're going to include a little book launch celebration too!

Take Down will be released wide, meaning it will be available through all major online book retailers, and thanks to Draft2Digital, I have a UBL or Universal Book Link, which means I can give you this one link HERE and it will automatically send you to a landing page where you can choose your preferred retailer. How cool is that? Actually you can click on any of the purple Take Down highlighted areas in this post and go to the sellers too. How easy is that? If your retailer isn't available yet, it will be soon, they just take a day or two to upload.

Thank you, to everyone who has supported me, to everyone who is rushing off to buy my book now, It's a privilege to have you on this journey with me.

Until next time, take care,


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