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Born and raised in New Zealand, I've explored from Cape Reinga to The Bluff. Growing up, when I wasn't traveling, camping and enjoying the outdoors with my family – and even when I was – I read. 

Divorced parents, blended families = 6 grandparents, 4 parents, 4 sisters, 3 brothers, 1 brother-in-law, 1 sister-in-law and 4 nephews. It's big and messy, but what family isn't? I've gained a wonderful family and understand family is more than blood.

My journey so far has included horticulture, computers, admin, reception, car parts and even a stint in beauty therapy as a nail technician (gotta have nails pretty enough to claw with). And Applied Writing where I found my happy place in fiction.

Mack, my miniature fox terrier, turned out to be the best companion, he's journeyed 16 years so far with me. Since bringing him home I've been married and divorced, given birth to two sons and a daughter. Diagnosed with Fabry Disease and launched my writing career. We even spent time in Australia.

I have a Level 6 Diploma in Applied Writing, published my prequel Heartbeat, and Take Down - Book One of my Kiwi Falls series launches December 1, 2019.

My children keep growing, Mack gets three-quarters of a queen bed, we have 4 rescue cats - Kitty, Silver, Hope and Ollie. My sister moved in temporarily and is still with me a year later - she tells me I'm crazy - but she's still living with me! So who's the crazy one?

I've moved 31 times, across 12 locations around NZ and 1 in Australia. I've met people of all kinds and learned to appreciate that there are many perspectives from which life can be viewed. 

My Writing Explained

Life is a journey, I've encountered some dark times - Depression, Anxiety, Child Abuse, Spousal Abuse, and Bullying with their multiple masks, and various psychological impacts and challenges. 


I've always enjoyed the action in my fiction and car races. The battle to win, the drive to succeed agaisnt everything that would tear us down. The fight of good to overcome the bad or the challenges we face; I think many would agree life isn't like the fairy tale we grew up with, but more like the fairy tales of old. It's dark and grisly behind the mask of smiling faces and selfie newsfeeds. 

Love and hate, hearts and flames. I believe to appreciate the good, we must acknowledge the bad. Abuse is real, it's happening every day and sometimes the worst abuse comes from those who say they love us. I want to tell those that are broken down, that they are the fighters who've survived the fires of hell and come out of them stronger, and deserve to be loved and appreciated for who they are, and shouldn't ever be considered weak. Our biggest strength comes when we never let go of our Hope.