Born and raised in New Zealand, Carol has explored from Cape Reinga to The Bluff. Growing up, when she wasn't traveling, camping, and enjoying the outdoors – and even when she was – she read. 

Carol has worked in horticulture, admin, reception, car parts, and even a stint in beauty therapy as a nail technician. But the role she treasures the most is being a mother to three wonderful children.


Her constant sidekick is a sixteen-year-old miniature fox terrier. He enjoys traveling everywhere with her and doesn't mind keeping her company while she writes.

Carol has a Level 7 Diploma in Advanced Applied Writing and published her first two books, Heartbeat, and Take Down in 2019. Consequences and Flight and Fight are due for release in 2021.

After living in 12 locations around New Zealand and 1 in Australia, it is her time spent in the various different areas that have taught her there are many perspectives from which life can be viewed and inspires her settings for her stories.