Born and raised in New Zealand, I've explored from Cape Reinga to The Bluff. Growing up, when I wasn't traveling, camping and enjoying the outdoors – and even when I was – I read. 

Raised in a large blended family, life has taught me that family is more than blood. Over the years I've gathered amazing people who've earned my love and loyalty and become more than family to me.

I've worked in horticulture, admin, reception, car parts and even a stint in beauty therapy as a nail technician. The role I love the most though is being a Mother, with writing coming a close second.

Mack, my miniature fox terrier, turned out to be the best companion, he's journeyed 16 years so far with me. Since bringing him home I've been married and divorced, given birth to two sons and a daughter. Diagnosed with Fabry Disease and launched my writing career. We even spent time in Australia. He's a great sidekick.

I have a Level 6 Diploma in Applied Writing, published Heartbeatand Take Down. In 2020 I'll be completing my Level 7 Advanced Diploma in Applied Writing and publishing Consequences and Flight and Fight.

My children grow older, the oldest now taller than me, Mack gets teased by 4 rescue cats - Kitty, Silver, Hope, and Scaredy-Cat, and my daughter has taken to breeding chickens. I've moved 31 times, across 12 locations around NZ and 1 in Australia. I've met people of all kinds and learned to appreciate that there are many perspectives from which life can be viewed. 

My Writing Explained

Writing is a work of emotion, and my mind has tormented me with its fair share of the good and the bad, both from real and feared events. Thankfully, for the most part, my worst-case anxiety kept me safe and reasonably prepared for life's plot twists.


However, my fears don't exist by magic, they come from real-life, everyday events. For those blessed to live life in relative safety, it's easy to overlook the underworld, the crime, murder, and deadly dangers. Unfortunately, that doesn't make it disappear. So while my stories are fictional, the themes are not. They face harsh realities, if you need a trigger warning, I doubt my writing is for you to read, but perhaps it is for you that I raise these issues.

May we all find freedom from the dark, and light to guide our way.


Carol Tate

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